At New Hope we direct all profits exclusively to the Waiheke Island community through the provision of financial grants to registered charitable organisations and through the provision of hardship grants to those in genuine financial need as referred through Waiheke Island social service providers.



In July 2009, Transpacific Industries Group (who were brought out by Waste Management NZ in August 2014) won a 10-year contract to run the refuse transfer station on Waiheke Island on behalf of Auckland Council. At the beginning of that contract they offered Rev Tony Watts the opportunity through the Waiheke Island Baptist Church to establish an op-shop on the site of the transfer station. This opportunity was accepted and a new social- enterprise called New Hope was birthed.


From the outset the purpose of New Hope was to distribute profits that were raised through the  sale  of  items  that  had  been recycled, donated, and/or recovered to local Waiheke Island community organisations and individuals in the form of grants. As at the end of 2019, and including salaries paid to Waiheke Island residents through employment created at New Hope, over $1.8 million has been given back to the local Waiheke Island community.


Opened in 2018 on the Waiheke Island Baptist Church site, Timeless Treasures sells items of a more antique, or high-value quality.


ways we help

Community Grants

These are grants that  are  applied  for  by  Waiheke Island community-minded organisations. During 2020, opportunities to apply will be advertised in local media on Waiheke Island as funds become available to distribute.


Hardship Grants

These are grants that are intrinsically woven into the Waiheke Island community through the local health sector and various other support agencies.

our  people

Tania Snowden currently manages New Hope Shop, a role she has held since May 2011. Seven full or part-­time staff and a team of volunteers from local churches and the wider community ably assist Tania.


In order to see New Hope continue to grow and develop into a leading social service provider in its own right, Windsor Park Hub Limited (WPHL) assumed governance oversight of New Hope from 1st April 2015. WPHL is a charitable social enterprise company based on the North Shore and is a ministry of Windsor Park Baptist Church. WPHL runs four other successful social enterprises in Auckland.

annual report

Being part of the Windsor Park Hub Limited, New Hope is incorporated in the Annual Report of the Windsor Park Group. Click on the thumbnail to read.



Waiheke Island-based:

  • Community Groups

  • Schools

  • Sport Teams

  • Individuals

  • Community Projects

  • Not-For-Profit Organisations

  • Businesses

  • Organisations or individuals not based on Waiheke Island

  • Organisations or individuals who have received a New Hope Grant in the last 12 months

  • Organisations or individuals who have outstanding, or unresolved, accountability reports from previous New Hope Community Grants

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Refer to the Ways We Help section of this website to determine what type of grant applies to you.

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New Hope is a ministry of Waiheke Island Baptist Church and is part of Windsor Park Hub Limited, the social enterprise arm of Windsor Park Baptist Church

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